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Department of Business Administration
Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of the Department aim at developing student abilities in the theoretical and applied aspects of business administration. The curriculum design has a dual goal: to prepare students for the workforce while also preparing them for international specialty certificate examinations (both before and after graduation).
The Department offers an undergraduate program and a graduate program.

Core and Selective Subject Areas
The five core subject areas in the curriculum are:

1. Production Management
2. Marketing Management
3. Human Resources Management
4. Information Management
5. Financial Management

The 4 selective, supplementary subjects include:
1. Basic Management
2. Business Laws
3. Language Training
4. International Research

Student Professional Growth
The Department provides students with guidance and assistance in setting up career goals through two methods:
1. The Career Counseling Office. Here students can explore opportunities to work closely with local businesses and get hands-on experience in their area of their specialization and expertise. Students in their senior year then have the option of being recruited by these local businesses thus helping their career and the local business community.
2. Regular lectures are sponsored where professional administrators (including many alumni) can share their industry experience, needs and views to help guide students
’decisions about continuing advanced studies or entering the job market.

To achieve national prominence and be competitive with other universities, the Department of Business Administration will actively pursue cooperation from local businesses and dominant financial ventures and then commit to expanding and enriching its Business courses.